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The internet is both the present and the future of tourism industry. Travel companies have to be visible on the internet. Using idega eTravel, travel companies can be visible through online booking engines and tourists, wherever they may be located, can book directly without the middleman.

The Idega eTravel system enables travel companies, big and small, to lower operation cost. Systematic product administration in an automatic booking system with clearing leads to the simplification of the whole sale process. Who hasn’t experienced the endless emails from travel companies regarding bookings. With Idega eTravel a self service for tourists is established. Bookings are made effortlessly.

Numerous icelandic travel companies already utilize Idega eTravel both for online bookings and over the counter sales. In such cases all sales are booked in the same system.


eTravel possibilities
  • Centralized booking database – numerous dealers

    More than 200 members of the tourism industry in Iceland sell their services through the Idega eTravel system. Various dealers in the travel industry, information centers, travel websites and travel wholesale dealers have the system’s search engine on their websites which are connected to booking database. By registering in the database you become visible where tourists book on-line. More

  • One sales-system for all of aspects of tourism

    Idega eTravel is a universal booking system for tourism and not just a hotel registration system. The system is also handles booking for tours, such as whale watching, horse riding, traditional sight seeing tours and a whole lot more. The system also enables you to book rental cars and just about every other service available to tourists. If you want sell a travel package online, you go with Idega eTravel. More

  • Straight-forward online sales without the middleman

    The internet lends new possibilities to the marketing of the travel industry. Idega eTravel provides numerous ways into the market. Travel wholesale dealers and information centers sell for you from a centralized database but additionally you can connect Idega eTravel directly to your own website and get the bookings directly to you. More

  • Over-the-counter sales

    More and more Idega eTravel users have begun to book all their sales in the system including when the customer shows up at the location to purchase services over-the-counter. This way the system can be a universal stock and sales system for the travel industry – and everything online. More

  • Object oriented product and price management

    dega eTravel offers complete and object-oriented product and price management for travel companies’ service supply. This includes numerous ways to organize the services, the setup of different price periods and price categories in addition to powerful controls over discount categories. More

  • Automatic clearing

    Tourists who book through Idega eTravel pay for the product as soon as they book. The payment then goes immediately goes to the seller, the travel wholesale dealer or travel company. More

  • Proprietary solutions

    Various proprietary solutions have been developed for the users of Idega eTravel. This includes ferry booking for cars, multiple locations on a tour, printing tickets, updates in price in relation to exchange rates and specialized cashier functions.

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