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User and access controls

When dealing with a system that connects hundreds or thousands of users online, the demands on security should be vast. This is why user and access controls are the heart of interactive web solutions. Look into Idega ePlatform. The user and access control system is reason enough to choose Idega ePlatform.

Idega ePlatform’s user and access control system is safe, standardized and ready-made. Create users and user groups effortlessly. Then assign roles to users with the associated access controls. Users can be put in predefined user groups or read and write access can be custom made for each user.

Idega offers various add-ons to the user and access control system.

Many Idega systems construct their user base on the national registry. All the work regarding data input and updates to the registry are standardized in ready-made software. For many years Idega software has supported electronic smart card identification for logging in and for digital signatures.

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