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Idega ePlatform V.3 is an unrivaled software for interactive web solutions and online computer systems. In one complete package you get an open and modern technical environment that interwines programming, interface design, web design, content management and system maintainance.

Idega ePlatform is a web systems operating system. Get a complete and ready package for security and access control, complete system components, web services, version control, code management and more.

Be independent of hardware manufacturers. Power your web solutions with software that is made for everyone and that is not locked down. It doesn’t matter if you prefer, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM or open source – Idega ePlatform runs on it all.


  • ePlatform Core

    The core of Idega ePlatform is much like an iceberg, mostly beneath the surface, hidden away from users. The visible part of the core is the Idega Workspace which in one place connects all systems and funccomptions for the logged in user. More

  • User and access controls

    When dealing with a system that connects hundreds or thousands of users online, the demands on security should be vast. This is why user and access controls are the heart of interactive web solutions. Look into Idega ePlatform. The user and access control system is reason enough to choose Idega ePlatform. More

  • Development environment

    What you’ve got here is an accessible toolbox for developers. If changes are to made to the code or if a new system component is to be implemented, the code needs to be correctly placed and connected properly – quickly and securely. Language controls, version controls and functionality settings are at hand with the idega ePlatform developers’ toolbox. More

  • Operating environment

    Just because a web solution has been set up doesn’t mean the work is done - quite a bit of system management follows. Examples of such post-setup work are process settings, database requests, cache settings to improve speeds and more. Idega ePlatform offers powerful tools for system administrators. More

  • Website builder

    We all know the frustration of the most minute changes in design or function needing to be programmed with the accompanying cost. Using the idega ePlatform builder the webmaster can move around and change the look of system components, added and changed stylesheets, opened and closed access and more – all without a line of code. More

  • Content management

    Idega ePlatform is also a content management system! All users with content management clearance can use Idega Workspace to edit content. You can also update content directly on the website. All idegaWeb system components have a content management mode. General content on the website is updated through the article module. More

  • Idega ePlatform add-ons

    Idega software has developed various add-ons to the ePlatform Idega that customers can buy additionally. For instance, an Ldap server for user controls. This allows the ePlatform to be connected to user information from another system.

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