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Connections to back-end systems – web services

Unfortunately, a system that can do everything has yet to be developed. All systems and solutions have both strengths and weaknesses. Due to that, choosing the right solution in each area and then connecting different systems to form complete solutions is vitally important. That’s what technical standards are for. Today connections using standardized web services can be made between systems. Users are not aware of where the information comes from or what systems were used in the process.

The National Registry

All Idega eGov solutions build on the icelandic national registry. The National Registry simplifies and ensures the process of assigning passwords to usuers. Additionally the system then recognizes the logged in user and his family connections. This way various application fields don’t need to be filled out by the user. Idega software has ready and standardized national registry updates and data input.

Online chat

The company Modernus has developed a software for online chat within websites. Idega Software has built a connection to this system, integrating it into the Idega eGov service portal. Using the online chat, citizens can call for a service representative to ask for help. The mayor could even use the system to establish online contact hours, during which citizens could talk to the mayor directly.

Mentor connections

Icelandic primary schools use the “Mentor” system for information processing. The Idega eGov stystem is connected to the Mentor system in various ways. The registration of new students, as well as student transfers, are transferred directly to the school’s list of students and into the class registers. In the Idega eGov system, meal subscriptions and school trips are based on the class registers of the Mentor system. So it’s safe to say the two systems work together as one complete solution.

Connections to financial systems

After conducting a study on why people call their town hall, it became apparant that most people are calling to receive information on their debt status, unpaid real estate tax and various money related issues. This lead to the development of web connections to the most common financial systems Icelandic municipalities use. This way the citizens can log into their Idega eGov service portal and receive an overview of their financial standings towards the municipality.

Idega eGov's connection to financial systems is built on a standard web service. Information from the financial systems is read onto a special database which the service portal works on. This way the Idega system never has to access the financial system.

Connections to case and document management systems

Case registries as well as case management systems are currently in use at many Icelandic municipalities. Instead of trying to expand these systems into service portals, something these systems are not designed for, a connection can be made to the system using the Idega eGov.

When web services have been built cases can be sent from the Idega eGov service portal to the case management system. The service portal can also receive information regarding the status of the case and then display it in the service portal.

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