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Service Portals - online case directories

An attractive and well designed service portal is the key to a successful 24/7 service. People have applications to file, comments and requests for the municipality and institutions. Public offices need to receive case feedback from citizens and the public. With a general service portal you can control such communication in a secure manner and people learn to utilize such electronic communications as with online banking.

Simple yet secure login

You can choose numerous ways to grant a user an access key. In this situation care must be taken in regards to simplicity and security. The simplest solution is to submit an email and the system sends the password directly. This way, the user can log in quickly without any trouble. A safer way is to send the password to the user’s online bank account during registration. Then the user has to log in to his online bank account, locate the password under “documents” and then type the password on the service portal’s login page.

Everything is documented and stored

The service portal stores an extensive overview of all cases and messages between citizens/customers and the municipality/institute. All applications and cases appear in the case directory of a person’s service portal. Inside the directory he can see who is responsible for handling the case and also see the status of the case. Standard messages from the system and user interactions are registered in the case directory and are sent to the user’s email.

Everything in one place

The service portal simplifies manifold and diverse communication processes. Case groups can be formatted in a corresponding look and corresponding processes. Everything to make the citizens’ lives easier. The service portal is available online when needed, along with online applications and other services.

The service portal provides a choice for the people. If they care to, people can write letters and mail it, call or even visit the institution. However, more and more people choose to handle their business online – using service portals.

Custom made service portals

The Idega eGov service portal allows organizations to custom make different portals for various target groups. Access to these custom portals can be controlled by administrators so that each user or usergroup gets a specific portal.

Handling portals or web services

The handling of applications and cases can be done in two ways. You can send the subject at hand from the service portal to another back-end system which employees use to handle the affair. Using web services, communication between the two systems is ensured so that the user can follow the case handling through the service portal. The other way is to handle the case in the handling section of Idega eGov v3. The cases are then sent to employees following adhering to various rules and then await handling in the employees’ handling portals.

Executives get their own portal

In instances where cases are handled in the system’s handling portal, executives can get access to a special executives’ portal. The executives’ portal shows them detailed statistics of everything going on in the system. The executives’ portal can be very beneficial where service is provided in multiple locations. Executives can overlook the whole of the operation and the handling of cases in all locations.

A service portal in a foreign language

Government agencies must be able to provide information sites and electronic media in more languages than just Icelandic. Translating the service portal to a foreign language is possible with little cost.

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