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Municipality service processes

Since 2003, Idega software has developed numerous proprietary 24/7 solutions for municipalities both in Iceland and Sweden. All of these solutions are based on the Idega service portal in which citizens get “My Pages”. Employees who handle applications and various cases from citizens have specialized handling portals within the same system. This leads to an flow of applications, decisions and messages between the institutions of the municipality and the citizens, online – entirely electronic.

Primary school applications – School selection process

Registering children for the first grade takes place online. The system is set up to meet the needs of the municipality, that is, whether you can choose between schools or if the school selection is dictated by where you live. In instances where you can choose between shools, you apply to more than one school and the application travels between school administrators and parents depending on whether or not the application is accepted or declined. When the process is done, all children have a notification of school admission and their parents have confirmed the admission. All of this takes place online and all in one system.

When school selection depends on where you live, the process is simpler, that is – the parents apply, and the school administration confirms.

Idega’s primary school system then sends the list of enrolled students in each class to the Mentor system.

Student transfers

Students can transfer between primary schools in situations such as when families move between districts or between municipalities. A formal registration of student transfer must be made. Parents fill in a special application in the system and the school handles the application. A school that accepts a transfer student this way gets an automatic update into the Mentor system, so the student is immediatly moved into the appropriate class register.

After school daycare – registration process

Most municipalities offer daycare, after school. This service goes by different names in different municipalities, for instance, in Reykjavík it is called “Frístundaheimili”. You have to specifically apply for this service at the beginning of the school year. Parents can apply through the service portal of the Idega system. Included in the application form is all necessary information, such as payment and method of payment.

The daycare centers then confirm the application and the system returns all necessary information on the children, such as duration of stay, food purchases and so on.

Meal subscriptions in schools

It’s incredibly convenient for parents to be able to be able to order cafeteria food for their children through their municipality’s service portal. The school defines what is available and how much is costs, e.g. lunch, afternoon refreshments and fruit. In a simple manner the parents can finalize the food subscription. Before the order is sent off, the user is shown how much it costs and can choose a payment method.

The supervisors in charge of the food orders immediately get a summary of orders for each day. The system then sends a log into the municipalities financial system which handles the collection of payment.

By using the idega system to subscribe to meals, the parents don’t have to worry about slips of paper from the school, bank transactions to the school and so on. Taking care of the task at hand is done in the comfort of one’s home, once and for all.

School trips

School administrators and teachers can add various events to the system, such as school trips. This notifies the parents, who in turn have to confirm their child’s participation in the event, and in some cases, pay a registration fee.

School administrators receive an updated list of participants as soon as students are registered.

The system can be utilized for every kind of payment that parents need to make, such as cost of materials in arts and crafts classes for instance.

Kindergarten system

Within Idega eGov is a complete kindergarten system for municipalities. The system has applications for parents to fill in using their service portals, all messages regarding applications, waiting list controls, placement contracts, payments and lists of students.

Using the system to establish a connection between the parents, teachers and the central control of case groups, a complete information system is formed.

By implementing the Idega eGov Kindergarten system, municipalities increase online service and improve the flow of information to parents.

Music school registration – Application process

The Idega eGov school registration system has been adjusted for music schools. An addition needed for this adjustment was for music schools to be able to define numerous things regarding the school, such as what instruments they teach at the school and at what level.

The student can apply to numerous schools and rank them in a “first-choice” to “last-choice” order. The application then gets automatically sent to the next school on the list if a school declines the applicant. Messages containing responses and status updates are then sent to the applicant.

When an application is accepted the system automatically updates the school’s lists of students.

Health Portal – Request an appointment and renew prescriptions online

Icelandic health centers use the medical record system “Saga” for booking appointments, medical prescriptions, entries into medical records and more. Idega software has developed a health portal ontop of that system. The health portal is part of the municipalities service portal where citizens can make appointments with doctors or nurses and request a drug prescription renewal.

The health portal is currently being used the Health Center of Þingeyjarsýslur. This service has been very well received and citizens can appreciate the convenience of being able to access the services of their local health clinic through the municipality’s service portal. People feel it makes sense to be able to renew prescriptions without having to go through the trouble of getting a doctor or a nurse on the phone. It’s very convenient to have an online overview of all available appointments at a health clinic. With the click of a button you can make an appointment at the time slot that best suits you.

Using a web service, appointments and drug renewals are automatically transferred to the medical record system.

Electronic service portal combined with a case management system

Municipalities that use a document and case management to keep track of suggestions and cases can connect to their citizens electronically using a Idega eGov service portal.

Isn’t it great to be able to let citizens follow the progress of a case or suggestion through an appealing service portal online? Isn’t it great to be able to send messages directly to a citizen, so that citizen doesn’t have to call or visit the town hall?

Municipalities don't need to change case management systems. The Idega eGov service portal is simply connected to the systems using standard web services. Received cases are automatically sent to the case management system and from the case management system to the online service portal.

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