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Government agency service processes

Despite goverment agencies having different roles, there are certain parts of their operation that are the same between agencies. For instance, all agencies receive cases and requests, handle those requests and answer them in a formal manner. Communications with the public can even be parallel between different agencies. The government offices of Iceland and government agencies have in recent years standardized the administrative process using document and case management systems. Standardized case management is important. However, little has been done in the field of electronic government. An exception however are the electronic tax forms. Nowadays, literally everyone in Iceland files their tax return online.

Idega eGov solutions that have been developed for municipalities can just as well be used by government agencies. The Consumer Agency was the first government agency to use Idega eGov. The E-Gov Online Consumer Agency is powered by Idega eGov. In just a few week the Consumer Agency implemented electronic service for various interest groups. A consumer portal for the public, Electrician portal for certified electricians and a Provision portal for electricity providers. In the future the agency intends to implement more service portals for other of the agency’s interest groups.

Integrating cases/suggestions and administration

The Idega eGov cases and suggestions system is a perfect fit for government agencies. Learn how you can benefit from using the system.

By implementing the system for general suggestions and requests, an agency can restructure it’s work process. Some cases are of a nature that makes registering and handling them in case management systems a needlessly time-consuming procedure. Such cases can be handled in an electronic service portal. Everything is documented and saved, but without the need to turn all interaction into official government cases. If such cases do come up, it’s automatically transferred from the Idega eGov system to the case and document management system in the form of a PDF document. The case can then be officially managed within that system.

Specialized application processes

After implementing an Idega eGov service portal with standard service processes, e.g. the case/suggestion system, it is always easy to add specific processes.

For instance, agencies should make all applications on their website electronic. Just having printable PDF documents or applications sent through email is not electronic.

Electronic applications are automatically sent to the processing system’s database. In most cases the agency needs to know who sent the application and therefor it is vital that the application is sent from a locked service portal. The sender must also be able to track the progress of the case and be able to see the result of his inquiry, online.

Idega eGov is particularly useful in all aspects of electronic applications.

Electronic credentials

Swedish municipalities have enjoyed great success, supporting electronic credentials by using the Idega eGov system. The user simply logs in with electronic credentials, this allows the user to sign documents electronically.

The Icelandic Banking System and the Icelandic Government intend to implement a solution for electronic credentials in the near future. The Idega eGov system already has built-in support for this solution. Once the credentials have been issued they can be used to sign into all Idega eGov solutions.

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