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Cases and suggestions

Idega now offers a ready-made cases and messaging system online. The system is suitable for all service providers, whether it be municipalities, public offices or privately owned companies. What organisation wouldn’t want a powerful tool to listen to it’s customers? It’s important to receive complaints and suggestions on what aspects of your service need improvements. It's also very satisfying to receive compliments on a job well done.

Open and closed suggestions

An open suggestion is when a customer sends a suggestion from an open website. In such cases, the customer does not log into a service portal. A closed suggestion/case is when the customer logs in using a password and sends the case/suggestion onymously. This way the customer can follow the handling of the case when applicable. Cases/suggestions that are sent onymously are saved to the customer’s case directory.

Organizing cases by categories

To begin with, case categories are defined - the user can the choose between categories when sending a case. This is done to simplify the presentation and handling of cases/suggestions. The focus is on keeping the case categories straight forward so that it’s easy to find a category that covers the issue at hand. It’s possible to have sub-categories for all the case categories and also to have different messages for each category.

The case handling process

Behind each category is a defined group of employees that handle the case at hand. The case appears in the employee’s handling portal in the list “Cases yet to be handled”. The employee can then assign himself to the case, following which the other employees don’t see the case anymore. The customer gets a message regarding the status of the case. First he receives an announcement that the case has been received. Following that, he receives an announcement that an employee has assigned himself to the case. Once the employee has registered the suggestion or the conclusion to the case, a message including this information is sent to the customer. You can set the system to send automatic responses which are different for each category.

The executives’ “Executive portal” receives statistics regarding cases and suggestions that have been sent, sorted by case categories. They also receive information on cases that have yet to be answered and so on.

Suggestions with attachments

It can be useful for customers to be able to attach a document to the case/suggestion. The attachment can be a photograph, a scan or whichever type of document you choose.

Cases specifically marked as “confidential”

Users who send in cases and suggestions can specify that they want the case handled as confidential matter. Employees then treat the case with the utmost confidentiality following laws and regulations regarding such cases.

Entering cases from email or telephone into the system

It is desirable to direct all complaints, suggestions and cases down a certain path in an organized manner. So that the organisation has a good overview of such things it is important to keep all such feedback in one place, in one system. If customers wish to bring up a case by means of telephone, email or in person, employees can enter these cases into the cases by logging into a specific service part of the system. This way the the case can be directed down the appropriate path and the case will appear in the customer’s service portal.

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