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Citizens expect municipalities and other public offices to cater to the needs of its people and offer electronic case handling. People demand genuine 24/7 service and efficiency in it’s administration..

Take advantage of Idega eGov’s ready-made solutions for electronic governing. In only a few weeks you could be at the frontline of those offering appealing and cutting edge self-service online. Utilise the experience of those who have paved the way – both in Iceland and internationally.

The Idega eGov solution can be implemented in whichever way the customer chooses. The core of the solution is the citizen and customer service portal. Following that the specific services and electronic processes that suit the client’s need. It’s easy to adjust processes and create new ones. Let’s take the step into the “now” and implement Idega eGov.


A good example: Óskar J. Sandholt, Seltjarnarnes Municipality

Óskar J. SandholtSeltjarnarnes Municipality chose a system from Idega for electronic governing after careful consideration. The system is both flexible and accessible for our employees as well as our citizens and has served us well. Additionally Idega has proven itself to be a great partner and the customer service we have received from it’s staff has been exemplary. Seltjarnarnes plans for bigger things in the field of electronic governing in the future and we look forward to a continuing partnership with Idega in connection to that. More



eGov possibilities
  • Service Portals – A case directory online

    The Idega eGov service portal is a connection between citizens and municipalities or government agencies. Using the service portal, citizens can receive services, file applications, receive messages and take care of unfinished business. All electronic service and interactive communication can be connected using the service portal. More

  • Cases and suggestions

    It is important for customers, citizens and the general public to be able to send notifications, suggestions and complaints to service agencies. By directing cases and suggestions in a simple and effective manner to the service providers it becomes easier for executives to realise the wants and need of the customers. The Idega cases and notifications system is a simple and powerful tool in service management. More

  • Municipality service processes

    In collaboration with numerous municipalities, big and small, in Iceland and abroad Idega has built a large number electronic services and handling processes within municipalities. Check and see if the solution you are missing is already in our product catalogue. More

  • Government agency service processes

    Idega eGov has been implemented and specially developed for icelandic government agencies. Now, government agencies can implement a powerful means of communication online, with a connection to case management system. Citizens and customers alike can take care of business in a quick, secure and most of all, organized manner. More

  • Connections to back end systems - web services

    Idega eGov solutions are connected to various official records and back-end systems. Using standardized web services you can utilize the strength of specialized systems working together as a whole. More

  • Digital TV– eGov TV

    The convergence to broadband has gotten of to a fast start. Using fiber optics, a whole new level of data transfer capability has emerged. The TV set has new role. Utilizing a recent solution from Idega called eGov TV, municipalities can make videos, photographs, news and annoncements accessible to citizens through their TV sets. Idega eGov TV is a part of the complete eGov solution that Idega offers municipalities. More

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