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Online service at the Health Center of Þingeyjarsýslur

The Health Center of Þingeyjarsýslur operates six health clinics in the district and a hospital in Húsavík. The Center took part in “Virkjum alla – electronic community” which was a three year campaign for the municipalities of Aðaldælahreppur, Húsavík and Þingeyjarsveit, as well as the Savings Bank of South-Þingeyjarsýsla and the aforementioned health center. The campaign was sponsored by the Institution of Regional Development in Iceland. The project was officially completed in late 2006 with the opening of an electronic service portal powered by the idegaWeb eGov system from Idega.

The Project

The electronic portal developed for the project “Virkjum alla – electronic community” is divided into five forums, a general forum, a citizen forum, a knowledge forum, a health forum and a savings forum. The goal of the health forum was to improve the quality of service by improving accessibility and education on health and well-being. A decision was made that habitants in the area should be able make appointments with a doctor, talk to a nurse online and renew prescriptions.

The Execution

Like most health centers in the country, the Health Center of Þingeyjarsýslur uses the medical record system Saga. The Saga system and Idega’s system were connected using a web service. Employees declare the healthcare professionals’ available hours which citizens can book directly online. When a citizen logs into the electronic portal he can choose from the available hours online. With a few mouse clicks a citizen chooses a time and make an appointment. This appointment is then sent over to the registration part of the Saga system where the healthcare professionals have complete overview of appointments.

Citizens that are logged in to the electronic portal have the option of renewing drug prescriptions through easy online communications. Additionally, one can click “online conversation” and expressly call up a nurse or a receptionist if in need of assistance or information. The online conversation is built on software from Modernus which was integrated into the Idega system.

The Result

According to the executives at the Health Center of Þingeyjarsýslur the health forum has been very well received. Already, numerous citizens in the area are taking advantage of this service and in the future, the number is expected to increase once citizens have gotten used to this innovative new service.

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