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SeltjarnarnesSeltjarnarnes municipality is a municipality with a population of 5.000 at the western part of the greater Reykjavik area. It is also known for being the biggest strongpoint of the Icelandic Independence Party and is the municipality that has the lowest gearing per capita in the nation.

The Project

Seltjarnarnes municipality is the first municipality in Iceland where Reykjavík Energy installs fiber optic connections to every home. In relations to the convergence to broadband the city counsel decided to establish electronic services for it's citizens, which among other things utilizes the possibilibities of a broadband municipality.

At the start of 2006 a contract between Idega Software and Seltjarnarnes municipality was signed, regarding "Electronic Seltjarnarnes". Concurrently, the development of a municipality portal for TV (eGov TV) was agreed upon.

The Execution

The solution that Idega had implemented in regards to the projects "Sunnan 3" in the south of Iceland and "Virkjum alla" in the north, was suitable for Seltjarnarnes, relatively unaltered. After thorough examination it was decided to implement the solution, mostly unaltered, but unify it with the current look of the Seltjarnarnes website.

In just a couple of weeks, the solution was adjusted to the customer's needs. Seminars were held to teach the staff how to use the system. This included school administrators, kindergarten administrators, the town hall staff and more. When the system was formally opened, new work and communication protocols had been define.

The municipality portal for TV is developed as a independent system component within Electronic Seltjarnarnes. The TV portal utilizes information from Electronic Seltjarnarnes, the municipality's website, the local sports team's website and so on.

The Result

In January of 2007 more than 400 homes have registered for a service portal and use the electronic service available there. That is believed to be about a quarter of all homes or most if not all homes whose household includes school children.

The solution was implemented very quickly and without any drawbacks. All parties quickly adjusted to new systems and new work processes.

Implementing additional funtions to further improve the quality of service is in the pipeline.

The TV portal is ready for use when the convergence to broadband is completed and Reykjavik Energy’s service portal is ready for use.

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