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The Consumer Agency

The Consumer Agency opened for business on the 1st of July 2005, pursuant to legislation nr. 62/2005. The Consumer Agency is one of the supervising organizations that supervise the icelandic business environment and laws from the Althing which were founded in relations to the safety and rights of consumers. The Consumer Agency is under the auspices of The Ministries of Industry and Commerce.

The Project

In relations to the setup of a new website, The Consumer Agency wanted to make it easier for the agency’s customers to attain information and services by opening an electronic service portal. Importance was placed on customers (consumers) being able to send in messages for the agency and they would have access to an overview of the status of their message.

Rich emphasis was placed on one collective e-portal being used for all the agency’s divisions and all customers, despite their different needs.

The execution

Within 4 weeks of a contract being signed, the electronic portal was by most parts ready for use. Shortly before the site’s opening the portal was connected to the new website and within 2 days everything was translated to English.

The solution is built on idegaWeb eGov’s standardized service portal and cut-to-fit the specific wishes of the agency. The idegaWeb eGov Case system was setup for the portal and adjusted as a message system.

From the get-go, three different portals were set up for three different user groups, a consumer portal for the general consumer, electrician portal for cerfified electricians who deal with the agency regularly and a provision portal for price changes for electricity providers which update a calculator on the agency’s website. The portals are diverse and the access management of groups contol which portal a user gets. Behind the consumer portal is a national registry and the people themselves register for their portal. Certified electricians and electricity providers however get user access which has been registered in advance.

The Consumer Agency’s staff get access and rights to the system in relation to their realm of work. Employees process the messages and information flows between the agency and customers through the portal and email.

The solution is hosted and operated by ANZA.

The Result

The eGov Online Consumer Agency was formally opened by the minister of industries and commerce at a ceremony the 5th of January 2007. Only a few days later several dozen customers had registered for a portal and sent in tips to the agency.

By using the infrastructure that the eGov Online Consumer Agency is built on it was possible to implement an automatic update of data used by a calculator for energy prices in a much simpler and profitable manner than otherwise thought possible.

The Electrician Portal has provided a means of communications for dealings other than administrative isssues, but one that the agency still has to have a thorough overview of. This leads to an increase in the agency's efficiency and speed of communications.

The eGov Online Consumer Agency has been very well received and in the future there are plans to set up new portals for all parts of the agency's divisions.

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