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Development- and technical environment

Idega software operates in an open development- and technical environment. Software from Idega is developed in Java TM and builds on the Java EE standard from Sun Microsystems. The systems are not dependent on specific operating systems, databases or application servers. Most eGov solutions run on a database and application server from Oracle. The whole of the icelandic sports movement uses a user and content management system from Idega, which is powered by a technical environment from Microsoft. Idega also utilizes alot of “open source” software in system operations. For instance, Linux operating systems, Tomcat application servers, and Apache servers.

Idega software has a rich background “open source” project participation. We have utilized various open projects to speed up our the development of our solutionss and contribute our time to the development of such projects. Open source projects are often at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to implementing new standards and innovation. By doing this, Idega has managed to become a leader ing the development of web systems.

Idega uses various open source software for the development itself, such as IBM’s Eclipse and Maven, which has become a popular system among open source projects and is used for instance for version control and to facilitate the development of large software projects by breaking them into smaller, more managable entities.

Idega software has an active partnership with IBM. Systems from Idega can be set up on IBM hardware, such as the DB2 database and WebSphere application server. In the future it is intended for Idega solutions to be offered as interwoven entities of the IBM Workplace environment. Idega follows international portlet standards which IBM takes part in forming.

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