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Idega software is a leader in the field of electronic government.

In today's world, people expect companies and institutions to establish interactive service portals online where cases can be handled, quickly and safely, without the middleman. Idega sofware specialize in the developement and implementation of such software systems for online self-service. With a solution from Idega you kill two birds with one stone, you implement a modern service and save money by re-structuring work processes.

Idega’s core software, idegaWeb ePlatform – has been internationally recognized and powers large web systems both in Iceland and abroad. Here you can learn about the benefits of idegaWeb ePlatform.

Idega’s system for electronic governing – idegaWeb eGov – is used by the City of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, as well as numerous other municipalities around the country. Government institutions can also utilize idegaWeb eGov quickly and securely as a complete solution for electronic governing. More information on idegaWeb eGov is available here.

The Icelandic Sports movement as a whole has selected Idega as it’s partner. Every sports team in Iceland utilizes solutions from Idega in it’s operations.

More than 200 companies in the Icelandic travel industry use an automatic stock keeping and booking system from Idega and nearly all student housing services in Iceland manage applications, waiting lists and lease apartments through a system from Idega.

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